Monkey See, Monkey Do

Howdy Friends,

I was checking out the website "Rate My Rosetta" and I saw some pretty interesting stuff. You should all check it out.

I thought I would try and mimic some of the cool art I saw:
More to come! I work again tomorrow! Woooooo!




Howdy Friends,

Busy day, today, at the shoppe.

Here is the best of the bunch for today:




Howdy Friends,

Another day, another dollar.

It was kind of a rough latte art day...

Here is a picture of the best one for today:



Competition is the Whetstone of Talent

Howdy Friends,

The coffee shop I work work at (World Cup Coffee) is having an in-house competition.

What I just found out is that the top two competitors are going to be sent to Seattle [most expenses paid (whatever that means)] for a regional competition.

This is kind of a big deal for me.

This past December I got the crazy idea that I would like to compete in a SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America) barista competition. This is my chance.

I need to step of the training a bit for this. I want to go.

As part of my training schedule I have decided to post an "A to Z" guide to making drinks. This will include:

Pouring (milk)

I will be posting these topics with the intention of learning something (fancy that) I can use to give me an edge. The way I see it, if I can read up on these topics and explain the various technical aspects of preparing a proper espresso drink, I will have systematically brainwashed myself into achieving the kind of knowledge you need to win one of these things.

We'll see.


P.S. Random Rosetta:


Semi-Rosetta & Heart

Howdy Friends,

Shannon (my lady) had a really good idea: To post my latte art weekly. So here we go, the first latte art post.



Is That a Tamp in Your Pocket, Or Are You Just Happy to See Me?

Howdy Friends,

My first blog post will be on this:
The Reg Barber in all its glory.

I got serious about preparing espresso about 6 months ago, since then, I have found that I have almost no free time. There is a lot to learn.

On to the Reg...sweet, sweet Reg.
The tamp I decided to go with has a solid aluminum base and a stainless steel base (C-Flat). This combo ended up being about the cheapest you can get for a Reg Barber (about 90 USD, after shipping). The price isn't what affected my decision, but it didn't hurt.

One thousand angels gently massaging your hand.
The handle of this thing is amazing. I went with the 3.5 inch handle (they call it the tall brushed solid aluminum) which fits perfectly in my hand. I was a little worried about going with a slight longer handle than the shop tamp (about 1/4 of an inch longer) but it ended up being much better. It doesn't take any time, at all, to get used to working with the Reg.

Smooth, bro, real smooth.
The most surprising thing I found with this tamp was the way the base feels against the espresso. The polish [gently spinning the tamp to smooth out the top of the puck (post-tamp espresso in the portafilter)] is really, for lack of a better term, frictionless. It's amazing.
After doing a little research, I decided to go with the C-Flat base. The C-Flat base is a combination of the traditional flat base and a euro curve base. What this means is you get the smooth flat surface of the puck combined with a good seal around the edges of the portafilter. Both are very important attributes for extracting a good shot of espresso.

This tamp is amazing.
It has a really good weight to it.
I noticed an instant difference in the way my shots were coming out.
It feels good to work with the best tools, I take pride in my coffee and I take pride in my tools.